Journey News

Preparation For More Vines

Marking out for more vines to be planted in the spring, we are letting the hedges grow up for wind protection.
The cavalry arrives. We are ploughing, mole ploughing and rotavating today.
Lots and lots of worms.
Ploughing finished, mole ploughing and rotavating this afternoon.
Last pass with the rotavator, we have been lucky with the weather all day.
Journey News

So Far So Good

There has been good growth this year in the vines and we are on track with cane diameter and root setting. There was a bit of wind damage as a result of the back to back storms in August so we need to look at the hedgerows and trellising to minimise the impact this would have in a growing season.

This is the 2nd year of establishment and the plan will be to do a main crop on the first guyot in September 2022, with a small test crop to be taken next year to see what the acid and sugar levels are like. The Rondo are already tasting great.

We have been focusing a lot on wildlife this year and we are already seeing the benefits throughout the vineyard with an abundance of insects and birds returning.

We have learned a lot this year and have helped out at other vineyards along the way.

There is plenty of pruning and trellising work to be done over the winter as we get ready to go into a more standard growing season routine.


Plastic Free North Devon

We are proud to join the growing number of local business sponsors for Plastic Free North Devon, we love the mission and the real sense of community involvement.

Our plan is to eradicate single use plastic in the vineyard going forward.